We treat you like you treat your clients.

Have you ever breathed a sigh of comfort when crawling into a freshly made bed? What about that new-car smell? Our environments play a huge role in our overall comfort, productivity, and mindset than most people realize. Present your clients and employees with a better interior to work, heal, and innovate with Advanced.

Flooring and carpet are the largest and most trafficked areas in your building. Improper care will drastically accelerate your floors deteriorating and in turn, decrease your return on investment and the longevity of your building’s original architecture. Professionally treated carpet allow your carpet fibers to be protected from damage, remain clean, and free from cosmetic dander or debris. Your Advanced care and support team will ensure your largest surfaces remain looking cleaner, newer, and safer longer.

Properly maintained fixtures, surfaces, and floors decrease overall costs and provide your interior with a clean and safe environment. An expertly identified maintenance schedule prevents accelerating deteriorating of your highest-traffic areas. With a detailed care plan, we will identify the best uses of time and energy to ensure your building kept clean without unnecessary costs.

Your Advanced care and support team wants to make sure you can properly celebrate, receive, or recognize any occasion without worry of clean up. Post festivities, our team will restore your event space into its original form. From floors to stages and buffet lines, all confetti, decorations, and spilled wine will be removed and cleaned so you can celebrate again with ease. 

Our dedication to healthier humans, spaces, and surfaces has earned Advanced a Green Seal certification. This means we only use cleaning methods and products which minimize climate change and ozone depletion. From paper products to paint coatings and laundry care, the Green Seal’s 27 standards are maintained by your entire Advanced care and support team.